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Arapaima Giga

Arapaima Giga, or simply Giga, is a financial decision support system. It aims to support investment decisions using techniques in quantitative finance and artificial intelligence. It is currently in the research, testing and development phase. Access to the report is available to partners and evaluators. Giga is the materialization of a scientific effort to develop new decision support tools. 

The Commodity Intelligence Report

The edition of the Commodity Intelligence Report for the month of December/2023 is available for download. The report provides information on the economic regimes of the markets, the probability of recession in the USA, price forecasts for commodities and the detection of anomalies in traded volumes.

To download Commodity Report, just inform your e-mail.

Portfolios Report

There are currently three portfolios made public for disclosure and evaluation by third parties. Two portfolios are aimed at the Brazilian stock exchange, where it uses the momentum factor and value factor to identify and select stocks. The third portfolio is focused on American stocks and uses value factors for identification and selection. All portfolios are for March/2024 and ready for download.

To download Portfolios Report, just inform your e-mail.




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